Industry Averages

The Industry Watch Service provides industry averages for all sectors of UK industry. Subscribers can view the key financial ratios on screen, print reports summarizing the sector industry statistics or download the data they need for incorporation into a report of their own. We offer key financial ratios on 1000+ carefully researched industry sectors. Uniquely we calculate these ratios from the relevant firms rather than just relying on SIC classifications. Thus the industry average ratios you obtain from our service provide focused independent benchmarks for financial statement analysis of company or sector performance.

Why use independent industry averages for financial analysis?

Accounting Ratios

Accounting ratios featured in the Industry Watch Service have been calculated over a six-year period to show market trends. The service offers a full range of financial performance measures including profitability, liquidity and growth. Since we provide averages for small, large and best practice companies our service helps you compare any business to other businesses of similar size and sector and can highlight areas where the firm excels or needs improvement.

Selection of suitable accounting ratios
6 years of figures for 20 Accounting Ratios provided for each sector

Industry Statistics

The key UK industry statistics provided in the Industry Watch Service make it easy to spot attractive markets by comparing figures between sectors, or simply to extract the figures you need for business plans or investment proposals. You can also drill down to the detailed underlying report, which contains a complete market analysis with company-by-company rankings and detailed financial statements.

Industry Statistics covering all UK sectors

You can view or print or download the latest data on any device.